Can medical approval lead to marijuana possession charges?

The United States has an interesting relationship with controlled substances. Individuals living throughout Louisiana can legally get prescriptions for highly potent narcotics to relieve their medical ailments while other substances with potentially useful medicinal purposes are outright banned. One such questionable substance is marijuana, and though some doctors feel it may provide benefits to certain patients, federal government regulation generally blocks its use as a prescription drug in some states. Under certain circumstances, marijuana is approved for medical use in Louisiana.

Marijuana is made from hemp plants and can be used to stimulate a person’s appetite and relieve pain. Individuals who suffer from debilitating diseases such as cancer and AIDS are often unable to find relief from their nausea and discomfort. In Louisiana, people who suffer from glaucoma, spastic quadriplegia, and cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy may obtain medical clearance for marijuana use.

When individuals who have permission from a doctor to use marijuana for a medical condition, they should not run into any trouble with law enforcement for having possession of the drug. However, if these individuals illegally distribute the drugs to others, or the drugs somehow end up in the hands of someone else, they may face criminal charges.

Ailing individuals who need medical marijuana to ease unpleasant symptoms may be a target for those looking for ways to obtain the drug. Those who find themselves facing such dilemmas may choose to speak with criminal defense attorneys who understand the nuances of Louisiana’s marijuana laws. Anyone facing drug charges may face serious consequences, and a strong defense may be the best option to help prove one’s innocence or have the repercussions reduced.

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