Airport security searches can lead to drug charges

Summer is right around the corner and many New Orleans residents have vacations planned for the warm months of June and July. While some will be traveling to their destinations by car, others will utilize air travel deals and will fly through Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport to reach their intended end points. As they prepare for their trips, those who plan to fly will undoubtedly pack with security screenings in mind.

Passengers who choose air travel can be subjected to body scans, metal detection and luggage searches for dangerous and hazardous materials. During those searches and screenings, airport personnel can see virtually everything that a person has chosen to take with them on their trip. If a person is suspected to have illegal drugs during an airport screening procedure, that person may face drug charges based on the discovery of the allegedly illegal substance in their control.

Defending drug charges based on arrests in airports can be complicated. The implications of traveling with illegal substances can lead to serious criminal claims, such as drug smuggling and drug trafficking. The penalties for conviction on these charges can be significant, though individuals do have rights when it comes to addressing their pending drug charges.

The Law Office of Robert S. Toale works with clients who have been arrested on drug charges during airport-based security searches. The legal team is equipped to provide individual clients with the guidance they need to handle their particular legal hurdles. All drug charges are serious, but those that happen during air travel present their own difficult nuances. The Law Office of Robert S. Toale provides information on airport-based drug charges on its website and is prepared to retain new clients in this field of criminal defense.

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