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New Orleans Violent Crimes AttorneyViolent crimes can result from unexpected circumstances. Arguments with a friend, a partner, a spouse, or a stranger at a bar can escalate past the point of no return. New Orleans is known for its rowdy atmosphere, and mistakes are not uncommon. Before you know it, you may find yourself being hauled off to the local police station, facing charges that can land you in jail or prison for an extended period of time. If you are facing charges of violent crimes such as domestic assault, battery, kidnapping, or homicide, you need to retain the services of a seasoned New Orleans violent crimes attorney to keep your one mistake from ruining the rest of your life.

At the Law Offices of Robert S. Toale, we have over 30 years of experience defending clients in the New Orleans area charged with all manner of criminal violations. We are prepared to take the most serious cases and defend the rights of our clients regardless of their circumstances. Mr. Toale is well-respected in the criminal defense community both locally around New Orleans and nationally. If you are facing violent crime charges in Louisiana, experienced lawyer Robert S. Toale is a name you can trust with your defense.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Violent crimes can often become politically charged cases in the media and among the public, putting pressure on prosecutors to obtain a quick, severe conviction. Criminal cases involving charges of murder, manslaughter, arson, robbery/burglary, kidnapping, and rape tend to become a public spectacle. You need a New Orleans criminal defense lawyer on your side who knows how to manage cases involving these serious, emotionally charged matters.

The Law Office of Robert S. Toale will not let the court of public opinion dictate the outcome of your criminal case. Your constitutional rights guarantee you a fair trial and freedom from the use of illegally obtained evidence. If the police or prosecutor misbehaves during your case, we will see improper evidence thrown out of court, and we will keep prosecutors kept in check from demonizing you in the press.

We also will not let the government pressure you into taking an unjust plea deal for a criminal conviction you do not deserve, just so that a prosecutor can save face. We will work to have weak charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed, with no more than a fair sentence imposed, and will fight to demonstrate your innocence through trial where appropriate. You are guaranteed the right to a proper legal defense, and we will bring our decades of experience to bear in order to ensure that your rights are protected.

Serious Criminal Charges Require Experienced Defense

Louisiana is one of the few states that still carries and enforces capital punishment. If you commit a serious violent crime, you may face not only life without the possibility of parole; you may be looking at the death penalty. If you are charged with a serious violent crime, you need an experienced, dedicated legal team with a single-minded focus on defending clients charged with Louisiana state and federal crimes.

The Law Office of Robert S. Toale is a criminal defense law office. We practice criminal law and only criminal law. We have decades of experience representing clients in the New Orleans area with all types of criminal charges, from the mundane to the most severe. If you are charged with rape, aggravated assault, or homicide, you need the most dedicated criminal defense team available. We can help. We will fight to reduce your charges via plea bargain, ensure that no illegally obtained evidence is used in your case, get weak, ill-supported charges dropped or dismissed, and battle our way through trial on your behalf to prove your innocence where appropriate. Serious charges require a serious legal defense. Attorney Robert S. Toale is here for you.

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If you have been arrested for a violent crime in New Orleans or Jefferson Parish, or if you have any questions about a criminal law matter, contact our New Orleans violent crimes attorney. We’ll bring our decades of experience defending clients charged with violent crimes and other serious offenses to bear in defending your rights. Call (504) 368-8440 for a confidential consultation.

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