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Gretna Criminal Defense LawyerThe Law Office of Robert S. Toale has decades of experience representing clients facing criminal charges in Gretna and the New Orleans area. Seasoned lawyer Robert S. Toale has a reputation in the legal community across Louisiana for his outstanding service to his clients and for his dedication to the practice of criminal law. Peers nationwide recognize Mr. Toale for his sharp focus and expertise across a wide range of criminal law matters. Mr. Toale has represented clients facing both federal and Louisiana state crimes, defending against the gamut of charges including violent crimes, white collar crimes, drug and alcohol crimes, sex crimes, and computer crimes. Mr. Toale is a former President of the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense and is currently on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. If you or a loved one has been arrested in Gretna, contact our Gretna criminal defense lawyer.

Gretna is the Arrest Capital of the United States

Gretna, Louisiana, has been called the “arrest capital” of America, and for good reason. In 2013, the Gretna police department made 6,566 adult arrests, which translates to more than one arrest for every three of Gretna’s 18,000 residents. That is roughly 14 times the arrest rate for the average American town. Many of the arrests did involve non-residents, but the point remains: The police in Gretna are out in force, and they do not mess around. Of all the large cities and mid-sized towns across the entire country, this is the place in which you are most likely to be arrested. Law enforcement in Gretna takes any hint of a crime incredibly seriously, and if you have been arrested by Gretna police, you need a seasoned, zealous legal advocate in your corner. The Law Office of Robert S. Toale has your back.

Seasoned criminal defense attorney Robert S. Toale has more than 30 years of experience representing clients in Gretna and the New Orleans area. Mr. Toale knows the procedures, the people, the courts, and the laws in Gretna, and he has spent decades of his life perfecting his practice on behalf of clients in that area. Mr. Toale knows how to prepare the best possible legal defense for clients in Gretna, and he will fight to protect clients against bullying, abuse, harassment, or other improper conduct by Gretna police or prosecutors. If the police obtained evidence illegally in your case, we will see it thrown out of court.

Ironically, Gretna is not a dangerous place to live. Of the 6,500 arrests in 2013, less than 50 involved serious violent crimes. Our Gretna criminal defense lawyer is prepared to defend clients charged with violent or sexual crimes but is equally experienced helping clients facing charges of DWI, public intoxication, drug possession or trafficking, probation violation, and white-collar crimes. We represent adults, juveniles, and college students, and we take on cases involving locals or visitors.

A True Gretna Criminal Defense Firm

The Law Office of Robert S. Toale is not a general practice firm with a criminal law practice. We are a criminal law firm. We defend clients facing criminal investigations and criminal charges in Gretna. We do not take personal injury cases to earn some money and handle criminal matters on the side; we do criminal defense work. We practice criminal law. Period.

We tailor our representation to your case and your specific circumstances. We will investigate your case, build your defense, retain the appropriate experts, and work with you to ensure that your defense is as strong as it can be. We will work to negotiate pleas to reduce your charges, find holes in the prosecution’s case to see charges dropped entirely, fight to exclude evidence illegally obtained, and, where necessary, we will battle all the way through trial to defend your rights. At the Law Office of Robert S. Toale, our job is your life. We fight for you.

When Your Life is on the Line, Hire an Established Gretna Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal conviction be extremely damaging in all areas of your life. Whether you are charged with a felony or misdemeanor, having a law firm on your side dedicated solely to criminal defense can be invaluable to your success. Gretna criminal defense lawyer, Robert S. Toale has decades of experience defending clients in the community. We’ll do everything in our power to fight for the best outcome for you and for your family. Call (504) 368-8440 to schedule your initial consultation.

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