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Probation ViolationsIf you have avoided prison through supervisory release, probation, suspended sentence or deferred sentencing and you have violated the terms of the program you were monitored under, you need to take immediate action toward securing a solid defense. Under supervisory release or probation, a violation of your terms will result in you being sent to prison to serve a sentence unless you can provide an adequate defense against the charges that you violated those terms.

At the Law Office of Robert S. Toale, our lawyers have extensive experience in helping people show that they did not violate the terms of their probation, supervised release or deferred sentencing. Our three decades of experience can help you avoid probation violation consequences such as going to prison and completing your sentence.

What Were The Terms Of Your Probation Or Supervisory Release?

Often the terms of these programs include:

  • Travel restrictions (no leaving the state)
  • Avoiding drugs and alcohol (with regular testing)
  • Maintaining employment
  • Paying fines and fees associated with your case

Failing to follow the terms of your particular agreement will result in you being brought before the court for a hearing that will seek to determine the validity of the allegations that you violated your terms. Our Gretna deferred or suspended sentence lawyer will present a solid defense against such allegations at that hearing for you.

Contact Our Experienced New Orleans Probation Violations Lawyer

If you are facing prison due to an allegation that you have not complied with the terms of your probation or supervisory release, we can help. Let our decades of experience create the solid defense you need. Call 504-370-9233 or simply contact us online to schedule your initial consultation with our New Orleans probation violation lawyer.

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