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New Orleans Statutory Rape LawyerStatutory rape charges often involve consensual sexual contact between willing partners. However, under certain circumstances, minors are deemed incapable of consenting by Louisiana law, leading to damaging allegations and criminal charges. Commonly known as “statutory rape,” these charges can carry significant criminal consequences, contact our experienced New Orleans statutory rape lawyer today.

Defending Your Rights

If you are facing charges for sexual conduct with a minor, much is on the line, including your rights, liberties, and future. At the Law Office of Robert S. Toale in New Orleans, Louisiana, we offer aggressive advocacy in defense of those facing criminal charges. Our New Orleans statutory rape lawyer has the proven experience and in-depth legal knowledge you need to confront statutory rape charges.

Having dedicated his entire career – spanning three decades – to criminal defense, attorney Robert S. Toale has handled hundreds of criminal trials, including many high-profile sex crime cases. Additionally, Mr. Toale has been interviewed and quoted by national news media, illustrating the extent of his legal knowledge.

Our firm can fight for you in even the most challenging of circumstances.

A Local Firm With An Esteemed Reputation

Our firm’s local experience serves as a distinct benefit to clients. As a former public defender in Jefferson Parish, Mr. Toale is familiar with the courts, prosecutors, and legal community. He has appeared in court day in and day out for decades. Mr. Toale’s talent and skill in the courtroom have earned him an esteemed reputation in the criminal defense field.

This seasoned legal judgment translates to aggressive defensive strategies for our clients. We apply time-tested legal skills and extensive knowledge to present compelling arguments and persuasive evidence.

Get Our Legal Team On Your Side

Our proven experience can be your advantage. Call (504) 368-8440 to schedule a confidential consultation. Our phones are answered day and night, 24/7. From our office in New Orleans, our defense lawyers represent clients facing statutory rape charges throughout Southern Louisiana.

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