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Federal CrimesOur New Orleans federal crimes lawyer has been defending people in federal cases for 30 years.  Toale is a Criminal Justice Act attorney, which means he has met the educational and practice standards required for lawyers to represent indigent defendants in federal court.

Federal Criminal Defense

If you have been accused of a federal crime such as Medicaid fraud, a gun crime, or a white-collar crime, you will be facing the substantial resources of the federal government. At our firm, we believe that you deserve a fighting chance. Our practice includes criminal defense in many different kinds of cases. With the help of resources such as private investigators and other experts, we will work tirelessly to develop a solid defense in your case.

Our New Orleans federal crimes lawyer has been representing clients in major felony cases in Louisiana for 30 years. Whether you are accused of fraud, possession of child pornography or a federal drug crime, he is committed to taking every possible step to protect your rights and your future.

“I have 30 years of experience in the courtroom to help you if you are under investigation by law enforcement or you have been arrested.” – Attorney Robert S. Toale

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We will search for a way to bring about a successful resolution to your case if you are facing federal crimes such as:

  • Federal weapons charges including felon in possession of a firearm
  • Federal drug crimes, including possession, distribution or trafficking
  • Environmental crimes
  • Computer crimes
  • Bank robbery
  • White-collar crimes, financial crimes, fraud, corruption and malfeasance in office
  • Accessory counts and obstruction of justice charges
  • Supervised release violations

We also serve clients facing serious charges that involve arson, terrorism, conspiracy, federal hate crimes, and others at all stages of the federal criminal process. This includes providing counsel during federal investigations, during and after a grand jury hearing, as well as through the conclusion of your trial.

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You need an attorney who understands the rules and procedures of the federal justice system. Contact our New Orleans federal crimes lawyer online, or call (504) 368-8440 and schedule a consultation to discuss your case immediately.

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