Confidential and Comprehensive Consultations

Unlike many other attorneys, Robert S. Toale will spend as much time as necessary when meeting with you about your pending criminal charges. While most “free consultations” last for only a short amount of time, initial consultations with Robert Toale do not end until you (and Mr. Toale) are confident that all your questions have been answered and you have a clear understanding of the path forward.

What you can expect:

When you call our office, you can expect to speak directly to our experienced staff in complete confidentiality. You will be asked to provide some basic information and we will confirm that your case is something we can handle. Once confirmed, we will work with you to set up a meeting in a timely manner (usually the same day or the following day).

When you arrive at our office, we will have you complete a confidential questionnaire that will assist Mr. Toale in reviewing your case. Mr. Toale will spend some time in his office reviewing the form, any documentation you provide, and any online information specific to your case. Once he is familiar with your case, he will meet with you one-on-one for as long as it takes.

Robert Toale will spend significant time with you to make sure you understand the processes and procedures of the criminal justice system. He will provide a “road map” of what you can expect, make sure you understand what is happening “behind the scenes”, and tell you honestly what the best- and worst-case scenarios are for your case.  Once Mr. Toale understands the full scope of your case, he can provide you with the most fair fee for representation.

Robert Toale is a very kind, compassionate, and approachable person who will take his time explaining everything. He is patient and easy to talk to. When you meet with him, you are his only priority.

What if I do not live in Louisiana?

While Mr. Toale prefers to meet with any potential client in-person, sometimes it is impossible. Many times, visitors are arrested for offenses while in the area and wait until they have returned home to find the best attorney. In these cases, we can set up a meeting via Zoom. Face-to-face is very important in communication so we do not do consultations over the phone. It is important that you can see Mr. Toale when he is speaking to you, and that he can see you.

How much does Mr. Toale charge?

Quite bluntly, if you are only looking for a cheap attorney, Mr. Toale is not for you. He has over 30 years of experience in criminal defense and has an incredible success rate. Our firm is also one of the only firms in Southeast Louisiana that ONLY practices criminal defense. Many lawyers practice criminal defense alongside other areas like divorce, personal injury, wills, etc. So, if you’re looking for an attorney with experience and a passion for criminal defense, look no further!

Potential clients typically want to know how much it will cost for Mr. Toale to represent them in their criminal matter. If you asked someone to renovate your kitchen, would you expect them to tell you their price over a phone call? Every criminal case is different and there are many factors to consider when determining a reasonable fee. Even two cases with the exact same charge will have different circumstances. There are considerations for the jurisdiction for which you are charged, who the judge or prosecutor might be, and the overall goals in resolving the case. Without a comprehensive consultation, there is no way for Mr. Toale to know the scope of the work necessary to achieve the desired outcome in a case. Once Mr. Toale has a firm grasp on your specific case, he can accurately inform you of a fee that is reasonable and fair.

What’s next?

Facing criminal charges can be an extremely overwhelming and stressful time, not only for the accused, but for their family as well. Hiring an experienced attorney who will take the time and use the resources necessary to achieve the best possible result is a stressful experience. Rest assured that once you contact our office, it is the first step in feeling that weight and confusion lift off of your shoulders. Our experienced staff will help to remove the burden from you immediately.

Call or chat today to begin the process of putting this bad experience behind you. Let us fight for you so you can focus on the other important things in your life!

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