Attorneys can help explain defenses to drug crimes

One common type criminal charge in Louisiana is the possession of illegal drugs. Last week, this criminal defense law blog touched on several defenses that individuals may use if they are ever in the difficult position of defending themselves against drug-related charges. There are many other defenses that individuals in this situation may utilize, so speaking with a criminal defense attorney can help individuals learn more about their options.

Whether an individual may use a particular defense to a drug crime will depend on a number of factors. Those factors can include but are not limited to the type and amount of drug or drugs alleged to be found on the individual at the time of the arrest, whether that individual had been arrested on drug charges in the past and others. The professionals at the Law Office of Robert S. Toale can discuss a client’s particular case history in order to establish which defenses may be appropriate if the client’s case goes to trial.

Defenses can play a critical role in helping a person secure his freedom after being charged with a crime. For some drug charges, the potential consequences are incredibly high, and can include jail time and other serious penalties. Though no defense strategy can ever guarantee an acquittal at trial, a careful assessment of defenses and strong argument in support of an individual’s position can help him make his case when his criminal matter is litigated.

Attorney Robert S. Toale’s drug crime defense practice offers a wealth of services to individuals who are struggling to understand their rights as they face charges related to possession, distribution and other drug-related offenses. His firm’s webpage on drug crimes in Louisiana may be useful to those facing such charges.

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