Can I be arrested for possessing drug paraphernalia?

Drug possession charges can result in very serious consequences for the Louisiana residents who are unfortunate enough to face them. A multitude of substances are classified as illegal based on state and federal laws, and this New Orleans criminal defense law blog has discussed some of the charges individuals can incur if they are found to have certain drugs on their persons. However, there are ways that individuals may find themselves facing drug charges without even having illegal substances in their possession.

One way that a person may find himself facing drug-related charges is if he is arrested for possessing what law enforcement officials believe to be items of drug paraphernalia. Drug paraphernalia can include many different items, from pipes and other devices used to allegedly ingest illegal drugs, to spoons, scales and other common household items that can also be used to make certain drugs.

The fact that some everyday household items can also be used to make drugs complicates both the prosecution and defense of drug paraphernalia charges. For this reason it is often helpful for people charged with drug paraphernalia crimes to speak with a criminal defense attorney about their options for facing their charges. Though drug paraphernalia charges are not always punished as severely as drug possession or distribution charges, they can still involve significant penalties.

Louisiana and federal laws address drug paraphernalia charges. As laws can change and vary over time, readers of this blog are encouraged to seek specific assistance with their legal dilemmas and not to rely on this post as legal advice. This blog and its content are provided for informational purposes only for those who wish to learn more about particular criminal charges.

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