Crimes for possession, distribution of prescription drugs

Marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin are all illegal drugs that can, if found in the possession of a New Orleans resident, be confiscated. Additionally, these confiscated drugs could be used as evidence against the individual for a drug crime. Illegal drugs, such as those listed, are easy to recognize as prohibited since there are practically no legal ways of using them. Other substances, however, may have legitimate medical uses, but they may also serve as the bases of drug crimes if individuals misuse them.

For example, narcotics and other prescription drugs can be classified as controlled substances due to their potency, potential for addiction and restricted uses. The illegal sale of a narcotic can lead to charges of distributing drugs or even allegations of drug trafficking depending upon how widespread the sale of the substance may be.

What make drug charges based on the illegal use or possession of prescription drugs so unfortunate are often the circumstances surrounding the criminal cases. Afflictions such as addiction can lead individuals to behave in ways they may otherwise not act, and it is not uncommon for prescription drug crimes and abuse to go hand-in-hand with medical problems and physical pain.

Incarceration is a possible outcome from being charged with and convicted on a prescription drug charge, though it is often not the best path for an addicted individual to take. In some situations, individuals who are addicted to prescription drugs and who have been caught in in the criminal justice system can receive treatment for their addictions and other ailments, which in turn can help them get over their dependence on controlled substances.

Though no outcome can ever be guaranteed when it comes to the defense of a criminal matter, lawyers who practice drug defense law can sometimes help criminal defendants receive rehabilitative treatment in lieu of criminal penalties. Taking such a criminal defense step could help those accused of a drug crime avoid possible harsh penalties and consequences.

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