The difference between possession, manufacturing and trafficking

When Louisiana authorities suspect an individual of committing a drug crime, there are a variety of charges that can be lodged against that person. Depending upon what he had on his person at the time of the investigation as well as what he was intending to do with any drugs he possessed, the charges he could face are widespread. This post generally addresses some of the most common drug crimes individuals can face and should not be read as specific legal advice.

Drug possession charges focus on what a person has, or possesses, at the time of his arrest. The severity of a drug possession charge can differ and that variance can be influenced by different factors. The type of drug a person has and how much of it he possesses can directly influence the severity of the charge authorities impose.

If a person is involved in making drugs he could face a drug manufacturing charge. Different drugs are made in different ways and authorities look for different types of evidence to show that a person is involved in an illegal manufacturing scheme. Drug manufacturing charges can result in significant penalties for those individuals who are convicted.

A third form of drug charge is drug trafficking. Unlike drug possession charges that only focus on what a person is carrying, drug trafficking charges prohibit individuals from selling and transferring large quantities of drugs for later sale or distribution. The amount of a drug a person has can result in a drug trafficking charge if that quantity is high.

Possession, manufacturing and trafficking are all different drug crimes. All drug crimes are serious but each has its own nuance that makes it different from others. Criminal defense attorneys can help people facing drug charges to better understand the elements and potential penalties of their specific charges.

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