Indecent exposure can result in a criminal charge

Not all sex crimes require an alleged perpetrator to have physical contact with another person. Crimes that involve imagery or that are committed over the Internet often do not involve physical contact. Another sex crime that does not generally involve physical contact with another individual is indecent exposure.

A Louisiana resident may find himself facing indecent exposure charges if he has allowed his genitals to be seen in public. Simply failing to obscure or cover his private areas may not be enough to warrant indecent exposure charges; perpetrators of this crime usually must engage in the action of exposing themselves for the purposes of achieving sexual satisfaction or with the intent of offending other people.

For example, a person who urinates in public but attempts to obscure himself behind a tree or building may not meet the intent requirements of an indecent exposure charge. However, a person who exposes himself in a heavily populated public park may have a more difficult time overcoming his indecent exposure charges or proving that it was not his intention to have his private parts exposed to others.

If a person who exposes him or herself in public touches or makes contact with another individual, he or she may see the indecent exposure charge elevated to a sexual assault or battery charge. Physical contact with another person during the alleged commission of a sex crime can increase the penalties a person can face if convicted of his or her criminal charges.

Indecent exposure charges can be serious and should not be ignored by those who face them. In Louisiana, incidents of genital exposure must be intentional and indecent to be actionable. Individuals who require assistance with their indecent exposure charges may wish to speak with criminal defense attorneys who include sex crime defense in their legal practices.

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