Know your rights when it comes to defending sex crime charges

Thanks to the internet, communicating with others in distant lands is no longer a lengthy, time-consuming process. In fact, New Orleans residents can quickly email, video chat, message, or call practically anyone in the world who has internet access at practically any time of day. The internet has shrunk distances and has brought together people who were once separated by insurmountable expanses.

Despite all of the good it has done, the internet and its power to connect has also caused law enforcement officials to extend their regulatory power into the digital realm. Agencies at both the state and federal level patrol the web for presumptive predators – individuals who they believe are preying on children and other vulnerable individuals.

As such, computer crimes such as the possession or distribution of child pornography have become common sex crime charges lodged against individuals in the state of Louisiana. In many cases, individuals suspected of committing computer-based sex crimes will see their computers and other internet-ready devices seized as law enforcement officials build their cases against the allegedly guilty parties.

What rights does a person have when the police take his computer and smartphone and claim that he has committed a computer-based sex crime? As every criminal charge is different and is based on different allegations, individuals who need to better understand their legal rights can choose to contact criminal defense attorneys like Robert S. Toale.

Attorney Toale’s criminal defense practice is based in New Orleans and includes the zealous representation of people charged with computer crimes. He can discuss with his clients how law enforcement officials may use computer forensics to investigate them and how the information found on their technology devices may be used as evidence in their criminal trials. To learn more about Attorney Toale’s criminal defense practice, please visit his firm’s website on sex crimes.

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