Marijuana possession is a serious criminal charge

The month of December has arrived and college students in Louisiana and across the country are now preparing for their finals. Many students will soon finish up their tests and papers and begin the process of packing up their personal belongings and making travel plans to get themselves home for the holidays. Whether they are traveling into or out of the New Orleans metropolitan area, holiday travelers should be mindful of certain behaviors as they make their way home.

Security checkpoints on the roads and in airports can lead to some traveling individuals facing marijuana possession and other drug-related charges in the event that they are found with contraband in their possession and under their control. A possession charge can be very detrimental to the life of a person who has plans that require him or her to keep a clean record. While no outcome is guaranteed and every drug-related accusation is different, individuals who find themselves facing marijuana possession charges this holiday season may decide to work with criminal defense attorneys who can help them address their legal issues.

For example, criminal defense attorneys can help their clients determine if the search and seizure procedures that led to the discovery of the alleged drugs were legal. When law enforcement officials fail to abide by certain laws regarding the collection of evidence, that evidence can sometimes be thrown out when the matter comes to court. Criminal defense attorneys also can assist their clients by negotiating with prosecutors about pending accusations and, in some cases, securing reduced charges for their clients.

The Law Office of Robert S. Toale is prepared to help you face your marijuana possession or other drug-related charge head-on. The experienced staff of the firm can help you through this difficult time by providing you with superlative legal care. To learn more about what our firm can do for you, please visit our website to read about marijuana possession and other drug-based charges.

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