What Offenses Fall Under the Designation of White Collar Crime?

The state of Louisiana, under the guidance of Attorney General James D. Caldwell, oversees the prosecution of dozens of crimes. Those crimes are classified by a variety of factors and are managed by different divisions of the attorney general’s office. One of those divisions handles white collar crime. Though many people may have heard of that term, they may not fully understand what it means.

According to the Office of the Attorney General for Louisiana, white collar crimes consist of those crimes falling into three broad categories: economic crime, public corruption and environmental transgressions. Economic crimes are likely to be those people are most familiar with and can include investment fraud, Ponzi schemes and money laundering. Economic crimes are those that deprive individuals of their wealth through criminal dishonesty.

Public corruption involves using illegal means or pressures to influence how governments work. Bribery of public officials is a recognizable form of public corruption, as is extortion. While bribery involves giving someone something in exchange for a desired outcome, extortion utilizes threats to achieve a needed result.

Environmental transgressions can be lodged against individuals or corporations. Many state and federal laws exist that outline how a corporate or private individual may use natural resources. When those laws are broken, white collar criminal allegations can be made.

The Office of the Attorney General for Louisiana handles a myriad of different criminal matters. Each general type of crime is handled by a different department that specializes in prosecuting or investigating that specific form of alleged wrongdoing. When choosing their own legal representation, people facing criminal charges can exercise their rights to select criminal defense attorneys who are experienced in managing their particular types of charges.

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