What are sex offender registry requirements in Louisiana?

Most of us have heard of sex offender registries, however, many people may wonder about sex offender registry requirements. Certain adults residing in Louisiana convicted of certain sex crimes may be required to register as part of Louisiana’s sex offender registry. Sex offenders who move to Louisiana from other states are required to notify authorities within 3 days of establishing their residency in Louisiana according to certain requirements.

There are specific registration requirements that must be complied with concerning your local sheriff and chief of police and requirements can vary based on the size of the parish where you reside. In addition, you are required to register with the sheriff where you are employed or attend school and requirements may vary based on the size of the community where you work or attend school. You are required to initially register in the parish where you were convicted. In-person registration is required within 3 business day of release from confinement or your conviction.

Community notification must be provided within 21 days of release from confinement or conviction. A number of important details are required when providing community notification so it is important to be familiar with what information is required when providing notification. Notice requirements include the crime you were convicted of, your residential address, your physical description and a photo or copy of a photo of you. Notice is required to a number of different parties. In addition, a number of different types of information are required when registering so it is important to be familiar with the information that must be provided when registering. Additional requirements may also be assigned depending on the circumstances.

Sex offender registry requirements are extensive which is why it is important for individuals accused of sex crimes to be familiar with their criminal defense rights. Sex crimes accusations, allegations and charges can have a significant impact on the freedom and future of accused individuals which is why they must be taken seriously.

Source: Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, “Registration and Notification,” Accessed March 22, 2016

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