Why would someone have to register as a sex offender?

When a person is acquitted of a sex crime charge it means that a criminal court did not find him guilty of the accusations lodged against him. A New Orleans resident who is acquitted or found not guilty of his criminal charges has the opportunity to go back to his life without the specter of criminal guilt hanging over his head. Securing an acquittal is an important part of ensuring that an individual maintains his freedom in the face of legal adversity.

However, when a person is found guilty of criminal charges then he must face the penalties associated with the conviction. While many crimes are penalized with incarceration and fines, some sex crimes require convicted parties to register with the state as sex offenders. Convictions or guilty pleas to the following sex crimes require Louisiana residents to register with the state as sex offenders.

Adults who are convicted of perpetrating sex crimes against minors and children are generally required to include themselves on the Louisiana Sex Offender Registry. Youths may also be required to be registered if they plead guilty to or are convicted of raping or committing sexual battery against others. Minors may also be required to register as sex offenders if they kidnap children who are under the age of thirteen.

Once a person is registered with the state he or she is required to keep an address on file so that the state may locate him or her. Sex offenders can be limited in where they may live and may have their personal information shared with members of their communities. Though some individuals believe that maintaining a registry of sex offenders is a good way to keep tabs on individuals who have allegedly perpetrated dangerous sexual crimes, individuals who have to register may find their privacy violated and their reputations destroyed. Working to secure an acquittal on certain sex crime charges can enable a person to avoid registering with the state as a sex offender and to preserve his rights to freedom and privacy.

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