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Last week this New Orleans criminal defense law blog presented some of the consequences that an individual may face if he or she is suspected of committing a probation violation. Probation violations, parole violations and a wide range of other criminal charges can impose restrictions on a person’s life and can prevent him or her from exercising certain freedoms as he or she awaits a trial on the criminal claims made against him. However, rather than simply waiting for that trial date to come, many individuals choose to secure legal representation and prepare criminal defense strategies.

What is a criminal defense strategy? It is a plan that utilizes the facts and events of a person’s criminal charge and incorporate them into the standing law on the matter. It provides the individual with a truthful narrative about what happened, why the prosecutors are incorrect in their pursuit of the charges and explains why the individual should be cleared of the allegations brought against him.

Creating a criminal defense strategy is more complicated than it may appear, since simple nuances or missed facts may derail an individual’s pursuit of freedom after he is arrested for allegedly committing a crime. In order to prepare a criminal defense strategy that works with the relevant law and carefully explains the facts associated with a legal matter, many individuals solicit the help of criminal defense attorneys.

Robert S. Toale has provided criminal defense services and defense strategy preparation to the residents of New Orleans for a number of years. His practice includes the defense of a wide range of criminal allegation, from drug charges to federal charges based on alleged violations of white-collar law. To learn more about attorney Toale, his practice and what a criminal defense strategy can do for you, please visit his firm’s website on criminal defense.

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