Charges of fraud, identity theft bring significant consequences

Last week, this New Orleans criminal defense legal blog presented the story of a Louisiana man who is facing significant allegations related to the purported commission of white collar crimes. The man allegedly profited from selling people’s Social Security numbers to others in an allegedly illegal scheme. As a result of the fraud and identity theft allegations lodged against him, this man will likely face many potential consequences if he is convicted of his charges.

The law does not consider white collar crimes to be victimless offenses; for this reason, they are penalized in similar ways to violent crimes like assault, battery and murder. The penalties for white collar crimes can be extensive, including but not limited to hefty monetary fines and significant prison time. Due to the harshness of possible punishments a person could face when charged with a white collar crime, he may be compelled to fight the charges brought against him in an effort to avoid conviction.

The Law Office of Robert S. Toale can help individuals in just such situations. Attorney Toale offers his clients a wealth of criminal defense experience and includes in his legal practice the defense of white collar crimes. White collar crime defense can differ from the defenses used in violent crimes, and for that reason individuals who are facing white collar crime charges can benefit from seeking out the counsel of practitioners who understand such unique allegations.

Every person facing a criminal charge has the right to defend himself. Individuals who are confronted with allegations of committing white collar crimes may present their cases in court to defend their names. Attorney Robert S. Toale is available to help them in this important pursuit and is willing to speak with them about their white collar crime cases.

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