Computer crimes can become federal criminal offenses

Computers are ubiquitous throughout Louisiana. Many residents have personal computers in their homes and those who do not can gain online access through computers in schools, libraries and other venues. Now many smart phones come enabled with internet browsers and web capabilities, making internet access possible from practically anywhere.

As with any forum in which people exchange information and money, the internet has become a place where crimes occur. Identity theft, pornography and other statutorily-defined crimes can occur during an online session and can result in an alleged perpetrator facing serious federal charges. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has an entire department dedicated to investigating cyber crimes and that takes alleged incidents of computer crimes very seriously.

Cyber Crimes division of the FBI investigates matters ranging from computer fraud to suspected terrorism. That means that it often looks for individuals suspected of committing crimes on a national or even international level; its focus, however, can also turn to smaller matters when suspected cases of computer crime occur at the local level.

When the FBI turns information on a suspected computer crime over to the Department of Justice, the individual subject to the investigation may find himself facing serious federal charges. Federal crimes can result in individuals being incarcerated in federal prisons, facing heavy financial penalties and other significant sanctions. Depending upon how and where the alleged illegal activity occurred, the suspect may also face state charges stemming from the same incident.

Even though a person may believe that his online conduct is anonymous, federal authorities are on the lookout for wrongdoing. Anyone who is charged with federal computer crimes will face a challenging battle to defend his name. With the long-term consequences of a conviction being very severe, people in such situations can look to criminal defense legal professionals for guidance on how to manage their charges.

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