Criminal charges and Louisiana’s Stand Your Ground Law

No Louisiana resident wants to be the victim of a crime. For that reason, many people take precautions and lock their doors, use alarms and understand the potential threats of their surroundings. However, most people feel safe and secure when they are within the walls of their own homes.

Robberies and other crimes can find individuals even when they feel most protected. When trespassers and other wrongdoers enter the properties of Louisiana residents they may threaten the safety and peace of mind homeowners get from being on their own properties. That danger can prompt some Louisiana residents to respond to threats of crime and violence with force.

Included within Louisiana’s law on self-defense is the state’s Stand Your Ground law. Stand Your Ground laws generally allow individuals to use deadly force against those who intrude upon their dwellings without the individuals first retreating or using non-deadly methods of deterrence. In Louisiana, when a person dies due to force permissibly used under the Stand Your Ground law, the death can be ruled a justifiable homicide.

Unfortunately, many people who rightfully use force pursuant to the state’s Stand Your Ground law find themselves facing criminal charges for their justified actions. The allegations they face can stem from nuances in the facts surrounding their cases. The long-term consequences of facing a murder charge that should have fallen into the category of justifiable homicide can impact a person for the rest of his life.

Louisiana laws protect individuals who must use force to protect themselves in their homes. However, misunderstandings of fact can occur and victims of crime can find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Anyone who is facing criminal charges for a justifiable homicide may choose to work with a criminal defense attorney to challenge the wrongful allegations made against him.

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