Distribution of drug charges can lead to serious penalties

The severity of penalties related to drug charges can vary based on the scope of activity a New Orleans resident is accused of committing. For example, a drug possession charge may result in a relatively light sanction because drug possession crimes usually only require a person to have illegal substances within their control. However, a charge of drug distribution or drug trafficking can yield a much heavier sentence if a person is convicted because those crimes involve the movement of illegal substances from the accused to other individuals.

While other factors such as a person’s prior criminal history and the quantity of drugs alleged to be involved in the crime can influence the penalties associated with a drug charge, a person facing distribution of drug charges can meet an uphill battle when it comes to preparing a defense. Louisiana residents have the right to associate with lawyers when they are charged with committing crimes, and when choosing representation, they should know what to look for in a criminal defense attorney.

Not all criminal defense attorneys include drug defense in their practices; attorney Robert S. Toale has done so for many years. His New Orleans-based law firm has, in addition to supporting clients facing non-drug charges, provided client-focused defense strategies for individuals coping with possession charges, distribution charges, and other drug-based crimes.

Though no outcome can be guaranteed when it comes to preparing a drug crime defense strategy, individuals can benefit from having a trusted legal counselor on their side when preparing to confront the prosecution’s case. Attorney Robert S. Toale brings both knowledge and experience to his clients’ cases and is ready to take on new criminal defense matters. Please visit his website on distribution of drug charges and other criminal matters to learn more about his legal practice.

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