Know your rights if you are accused of financial crimes

Businesses all throughout Louisiana employ bookkeepers, accountants and other professionals whose responsibilities include managing the money of their employers. For businesses to be profitable they must maintain certain levels of financial health and professionals who focus on money can help those businesses stay afloat. Unfortunately, however, some individuals within financial professions use their positions to steal from their employing businesses and commit financial crimes that hurt their employers.

Because of several high profile white collar crimes that have made the national news in the last decade, many businesses now look at their financial management with stricter scrutiny. This can lead to allegations being made against honest financial professionals who happen to work for institutions experiencing rocky financial times. Not every problem that occurs within the financial structure of a company is the fault of an employee, but some people end up taking the fall for other people’s oversights and mistakes.

Anyone who is accused of committing a financial crime has legal rights. That person has the right to know about the evidence that is will be used against the person. The accused also has the right to work with an attorney. Criminal defense attorneys can help people prepare their defenses and face criminal charges head-on.

Our firm has been working with clients accused of committing financial crimes for three decades. We are licensed to serve clients in both the state and federal courts and understands the different processes that attach to each system. Our extensive experience and subject-matter expertise are invaluable tools for individuals facing serious accusations and for those who need help overcoming charges of financial crimes.

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