Office of Juvenile Justice manages juvenile crimes & convictions

When young people make mistakes and bring consequences down upon themselves, many adults shake their heads and attribute the juvenile errors to childish inexperience. Not often are the wrongdoings of a Louisiana youngster so concerning that the criminal justice system must get involved. However, on those unfortunate occasions, a separate governmental sector often handles the incarceration of a child who is convicted of a crime.

In Louisiana, the Office of Juvenile Justice is responsible for managing adjudicated youths, or young people who have been convicted of crimes. It offers services to the families of youths who find themselves in the system as well as probation and parole programs for those young offenders who may be subject to release from juvenile incarceration. There are OJJ offices throughout the state that provide treatment and housing for youths in the criminal justice system.

Though the state tries to make efforts to take care of young people who may have been involved in criminal endeavors, the juvenile justice system is a serious and sometimes intimidating place. One of the best ways to avoid being processed into it is to work against a possible criminal conviction. Regardless of a person’s age, if they are charged with a crime they have rights to defend themselves against criminal allegations.

Though no outcome can ever be guaranteed, strong defenses exist to juvenile crimes. A well-prepared defense can provide a person facing charges with an opportunity to set forth the facts of his case in a truthful manner. Such a defense may permit a defendant to avoid the penalties and long-term consequences of a criminal conviction as well as the challenges of becoming involved in the juvenile justice system of Louisiana.

Source: State of Louisiana, “Welcome to the Office of Juvenile Justice,” accessed Feb. 15, 2015

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