White collar crime includes accusations of bribery

All across Louisiana, different industries have different standards for what constitutes appropriate gift-giving between businesses and consumers. In a business office setting, it may be acceptable for an entity to send its customers holiday cards at the right time of year. In an educational environment, it is usually fine for students to give their teachers appreciation gifts. The suitability of the passage of information and goods between presumptive sellers and presumptive buyers is generally evaluated based on the context of the entities’ relationships.

Some entities, however, have limited means of exchanging tokens of gratitude with those for whom they work. For example, for individuals who work in local, state and federal government jobs, accepting gifts from some parties may constitute bribery. Even if an official did not intend to offer or extend a benefit to the giver of the gift, the act of accepting the present may constitute an illegal action on the official’s part.

Bribery is generally classified as a white collar crime because it most often has to do with illegally giving something of value to a person who has the power to execute a desired outcome on behalf of the giver of the gift. While bribery is often related to public sector work, it can be alleged against private entities as well. Accusations of bribery can put a very negative light on individuals who may have not actually engaged in the illegal conduct they are suspected of committing.

Facing bribery and other white collar crime charges can ruin a person’s reputation. Many who wrongly face these claims choose to aggressively defend their names against those who seek to charge them with white collar crimes. The Law Office of Robert S. Toale works with individuals from different industries who are accused of committing such crimes. The firm’s website on white collar crime offers more useful information on its defense of related criminal allegations. This could provide general information about options and legal defense routes regarding these types of crimes.

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