You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer if Your Child is Accused of Car Burglary in New Orleans

Only about 9% of car burglaries reported to New Orleans police last year led to arrests. According to WDSU citing a report presented to the City Council, more than 6,000 vehicles were burglarized in New Orleans in 2019, which is the highest number since 2012.

Only 570 car burglars were arrested, while juveniles made up nearly half of the people arrested on suspicion of burglarizing vehicles in 2019. Juvenile crime, including violent crimes, has been rampant in New Orleans in recent years.

Vehicle Burglary and Break-Ins in New Orleans

A recent study looked back at 2019 in terms of juvenile crimes and vehicle break-ins. According to WWLTV, vehicle break-ins have been happening everywhere in New Orleans in recent years, and often, juveniles are the ones committing this crime.

The report citing a study presented at the Criminal Justice Committee meeting showed that juveniles made up more than 5% of people who were arrested for all crimes, including drug crimes and assault, last year.

However, when it comes to vehicle break-ins, about 47% of such crimes in New Orleans resulted in the arrest of a juvenile. On average, juveniles arrested on suspicion of car burglaries spend 29 days behind bars, the report showed.

The study also showed that vehicle break-ins with criminal damage have skyrocketed. Such crimes jumped from 4% to almost 22% compared to 2018. The study also showed that juveniles involved in car burglaries are more likely to commit the offense again. Nearly half of juveniles arrested for car burglaries are repeat offenders.

Louisiana’s Juvenile Justice Reform in 2020

Under the Raise the Age Louisiana Act, which was enacted on March 1, 2019, all 17-year-olds arrested for non-violent crimes are treated as juveniles in the eyes of the state’s justice system. The second phase of the law comes into effect in 2020 for violent offenses.

The laws are part of a package of Louisiana’s juvenile justice reform that allows the justice system to raise the age for teenagers prosecuted as adults in the state. Lawmakers praised the reform for having many benefits, including keeping juveniles safer while incarcerated and protecting their future because they do not have a permanent criminal record that impacts their odds of employment.

According to The Advertiser, Louisiana spent more than $730 million incarcerating adult and youth offenders in 2016. The figure included nearly $110 million in state funds for more than 6,300 juvenile offenders.

Why You Need a New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer

Despite the juvenile justice reform that vows to protect a young offender’s future, you still need a strong criminal defense strategy. Your New Orleans criminal lawyer will ensure your or your child’s legal rights are protected by negotiating to:

  • Have your charges dropped or dismissed
  • Have your charges reduced
  • Enter a diversion program, when available
  • Serve probation instead of jail time
  • Keep the case in juvenile court
  • Defend your rights during a trial

You must be proactive in ensuring your child’s legal rights if he or she has been accused of a crime in New Orleans or elsewhere in Louisiana. The Law Office of Robert S. Toale considers it an honor to protect your child’s rights by providing impeccable and professional legal counsel. Get a consultation by calling at (504) 368-8440.


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